Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Famous Men Vs. Famous Women

A topic that is debated constantly since the beginning of age, can a women do a man's job? Can a man do a women's job. Sure there are some things that men can't do and women can't do, but is it really impossible.

What Work Is a World Famous Mathematician?

This in some cases is a matter of opinion, but if we look at history our question will be answered. BOTH MEN AND WOMEN can be world famous mathematicians. I have seen both be very successful and very influential women in the math world.

So for me this is totally not a debate anymore.


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Garret said...

Thank you for the post! This is a topic that I feel strongly about.

The world is often telling everyone that man = woman and woman = man

I disagree and this is why. We are naturally different.

I think the equation should be man + woman = 1 or woman + man = 1

Together we make a whole. Two different beings united make one. Thanks for listing to my opinion.

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Ashley Roberts said...

I totally agree with you!
I do also think that men and women can both be mathematicians. I think that men and women at different and also the same so that is why i think that both genders can be mathematicians.

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