Friday, June 13, 2008

Archimedes-Most Famous At Math?

Archimedes of Syracuse, is arguably the world's famous Mathematician. He lived 287BC to 212BC in Greece. Not to much is known about this man as it was such a long time ago. But we do know that among many other things, he was a great mathematician. However, this was not his limitation, his brilliant, adaptable mind moved him in all sorts of directions that most of us would never venture into.

He was a leader to the known world as a famous mathematician and still is today being a master
  1. Physicist
  2. Engineer
  3. Inventor
  4. Astronomer
  5. Mathematician

He, as a famous mathematician, used the method of exhaustion to calculate the area under the arc of a parabola with the summation of an infinite series, and gave a surpisingly accurate approximation of Pi. He also defined the spiral bearing his name, formulas for the volumes of surfaces of revolution and an ingenious system for showing very BIG numbers.

He was killed by a Roman soldier, even though there was orders out not to harm him!

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